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Greater Good Points focuses on Equine and Canine Bodywork which incorporates assessment skills to treat symptoms through anatomical considerations, western physiology, eastern and energetic concepts. This manual therapy work includes biomechanics related to motility, fluid pressures and tensions. Nancy provides sessions on horses and dogs with techniques that include work using Tucker BioKinetic Body Checkups and Tucker BioKinetic Alignment, Masterson Method® - Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork. Modalities practiced also include Acupressure, Physical and Energy Healing, Red Light, Cold Laser, Equine Massage and Essential Oils.
Nancy specifically teaches pre-work for owners, handlers to better their awareness, intent and connection. Equine and Canine Bodywork incorporates assessment skills, TCM meridians and acupressure points.

We are affiliated with Greater Good Ranch, LLC.


Tucker BioKinetics Body Checkups are based a master certification course by Renee Tucker referencing her book "Where Does My Horse Hurt".


Tucker BioKinetic Alignment Technique was developed 20 years ago by Dr Renee Tucker.

Most bodywork focuses on how to help a specific tissue type, such as muscles or fascia. Others focus more generally on tension. Adjunct therapies use laser, magnetics, red light, photonic, and lots more.

All these are helpful. But if the skeleton itself is not aligned, it's like trying to push a boulder uphill. You have to keep doing the therapy. If you stop, the boulder rolls right back to the bottom.

"With Tucker BioKinetic, we get to the root cause and we'll be able to fix the problem. Once and for all."
Imagine how happy the horses and you - will be!

Tucker BioKinetic:

  • Align horse's bones
  • Find the true underlying issues
  • Stop chronic horse pain and stiffness
  • Assess the root of the problems

The Tucker BioKinetic Technique corrects the motility of skeletal alignment through the utilizing the functions of BioKinetic Master Points, to engage them for healing.

Hands can "listen" to what's happening with the body with BioKinetic. Put it all together -- with pre and post diagnostic Body Checkups -- and you have an aligned horse.


The Masterson Method® is an integrated, multi-modality method of equine massage and bodywork that allows the horse to release deep, accumulated pain and tension in muscles and connective tissue. Through the use of light touch and gentle movement in a relaxed state, and observation of a range of the horse's responses (these visual and palpable responses tell you what the horse's body is feeling), you will open doors to improved health and performance while enhancing communication and relationship with your horse.

  • Improved relationship & communication with your horse.
  • Make your horse more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Enable your horse to overcome limitations and restrictions that stand in the way of reaching his full potential.


By following the horse’s responses, you are able to access that part of the horse’s nervous system that allows it to release deep levels of tension in the connective tissues of key junctions of the body. These are the junctions that most affect, and are most affected by work and performance.
When these junctions release tension, the muscles around them release tension. You can palpably feel this release, and the horse tells you through his responses when this has happened. It is truly an interactive process that will improve relationship, enhance communication, and maximize performance with your horse.

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First session. Mules are thinkers, they need time so take the time it takes, allow them to feel and focus on their body, and release tension. Why does light touch work so well? The Dermis, the layer below the Epidermis, contains two common types of nerve receptor cells. Thermo receptors respond to heat and cold while Mechano receptors respond to light pressure. These points are held gently in specific sequences to help the body achieve and maintain optimum form and function. Light touch also talks to the nerves. As we are aware, the discomfort problem we see/feel is not the preliminary problem, it typically is the compensation. By allowing the mule, horse, dog, person to relax muscle groups, we release the tightness/brace/tension, AKA 'coat of armor'. This allows the blood to flow, muscles to oxygenate and body to realign itself. This affects the mind, emotions and physical state of being, AKA our health.